Welcome to Nordis Hotel & Suites

Whether you are just seeking that extra comfort, need a spacious two or three bedroom suite for you and your family or are on a honeymoon, we can provide a suite to match your needs.

Nordis Hotel & Suites, in the heart of Svolvær, offers spacious accommodation in comfortable suites. Our suites have up to three bedrooms, several bathrooms, a sauna, a comfortable lounge area, kitchen facilities and a large terrace with striking views.

Situated on top of Du Verden Restaurant in Svolvær, Nordis Hotels & Suites strikes a bold combination of cultural heritage, handcrafted design and modern architecture. The elliptical shape makes it a natural landmark of the city and provides grand view lines from every suite.

The Svolvær Suite, The Lofoten Suite and The Nordis Suite are all beautifully furnished and decorated in deep, contrasting colors. Every suite is soundproof and offers a peaceful and laid back atmosphere. A perfect residence for your Lofoten adventure.

A perfect residence for your Lofoten adventure